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Winter in Nevada

     Did somebody say, "Snow?"  Yea, lots of snow.  It turns out that our little mountain hideaway gets loads of the stuff.  We've been enjoying the gorgeous snowy landscapes every morning and spend the days playing with the stuff and 4X4ing down the roads not to mention the driveway.  I guess we can still call it a driveway even though on any given day it resembles a bobsled run.  Call us crazy, but we love it.

     Below are a few pictures of our piles and piles of snow during December/January 2007/2008 , our first winter experience in Spring Creek, and, of course, Mr. Botsford playing with his yellow tractor in the snow.  Oh, the other thing we should mention are the "balmy" temperatures - this picture of our thermometer on the back of the house registers a steamy 7 degrees below zero, normal for the northeastern Nevada winter weather.

     For your amusement, I've included a picture of Dixie's misadventure in the snow.  While backing the truck down the driveway, she made an unplanned dogleg into a 4-foot deep drift.  When asked to explain this course deviation, she is quoted as having said with a chuckle, "It wasn't really my fault; the sun was in my eyes."