Harry & Dixie Botsford

939 Jarbidge Avenue

Spring Creek, NV 89815

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Spring Creek, Nevada

     Many times when we mention to "foreigners" that we now live in Nevada, the immediate response is, "Oh, Las Vegas!"  No, guess again.  "Reno!"  Nope.  At that point, most of our friends can't come up with another location, because there are apparently only two known centers of civilization in Nevada - Las Vegas and Reno.  So when we reply, "Spring Creek," the reaction is always "Huh, where is that?"

     In an attempt to clarify and inform, we've Photoshopped the Nevada map below (it didn't originally show the location of Spring Creek) to show you where our house in Nevada is located in the northeastern corner of the state.  If you have an urge to visit, the airport options are:  Salt Lake City, UT (250 miles), Reno, NV (311 miles), Las Vegas, NV (490 miles), and Elko, NV via Salt Lake City (12 miles).