About Us

      We are a retired electrical engineer (Harry) and a retired CIO (Dixie) who moved to the Elko, Nevada area from Lexington Park, Maryland in southern Maryland.  After over 30+ years each on the east coast and working in the Washington, DC area, we moved back to Harry's home stomping grounds.  Yep, he's a native, born and raised, in a town that is more and more becoming a community of people from other places due the "boom" times with the gold mines.  He's almost a rarity here.  Yet, every trip to town is a veritable history lesson into his early life and that of his forebearers.  They've left their mark in the form of the Visitor's Center (his aunt's old ranch house Sherman Station) to the bronze plaque inside the Northeastern Nevada Museum entry that recognizes another aunt's contribution to founding the museum.


     The Rancho Botsford, as we laughingly called it, is located on five acres "over the hill" from Elko in a area that used to be so wild and difficult to access at one time that it was where people built their vacation cabins to get away from the big city of Elko ... all 10,000 people in the 1950's.  Our house faces the picturesque Ruby Mountains, Nevada's Swiss Alps, which top out at 10,000 to 11,000 feet, and we have a panoramic view of the entire valley.  We are blessed with an abundance of wildlife, ranging vistas, and SPACE.  While it's true that trees are scarce around here, Dixie, being the Indiana country girl that she is, loves the vast spaces and the solitude of our "homestead."  She's still adjusting to sharing that space with coyotes, mountain lions, and rattlesnakes, but she hasn't bolted for civilization yet.